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Right now, we are beginning to unearth the awesomeness that is the periodic table in my science classroom. While perusing for lesson ideas and tech-driven resources, I came across these pretty nifty tables that make learning about the elements more interactive and engaging.

  1. TED-Ed Periodic Table
    Probably my favorite so far just because of the learning potential! The team at Periodic Videos has created a TED-Ed lesson for every element of the periodic table. That means that no matter what element you are interested in, there is a 5-10 minute video lesson available right away. How cool is that?
  2. Dynamic Periodic Table
    This one is a little less visually appealing but just as link heavy. Each element here hyperlinks and pops-up a window on the element’s wikipedia page for quick fact-finding and research.
  3. Photographic Periodic Table
    This table is totally unique and great for visual learners. Each element here features a photo of the element in its natural state, and clicking on the elements results in a photo dictionary of uses and examples of the element! Want to know what polonium is actually used for? This will tell you!
  4. Royal Society of Chemistry Periodic Table
    This table is pretty, color-coded, and full of information. Each element links out to a sub-page that has all the essentials neatly organized for quick and easy referencing.
  5. Periodic Table of Videos
    Similar to the TED version, this table links to videos. Rather than lessons, however, these videos are often labs, experiments, and demonstrations.

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