37 Chill Gifts for the Yoga Lovers in Your Life

Is there a yoga lover on your gift list this holiday season? Yoga practitioners wouldn’t want gift-giving to be needlessly stressful, so go ahead: sit back, relax, and unwind because we’ve got you covered. Whether you gravitate towards gear or want to buy something your recipient can wear in the yoga studio, there are plenty of presents that are sure to be received with open arms. 

If achieving a state of zen is the goal, then be sure to start with a solid foundation. From books and blocks to mats and massage guns, this gift guide has it all. Whether you decide to splurge, or stick to the basics and keep gifts and a budget-friendly price, we have a range of yogi-approved giftable goodies that will make them say namaste.

Ready to flex your present-picking pose? Read on to shop 37 gifts for anyone who keeps their yoga mat and water bottle nearby at all times.

A yoga mat is four times better than a chill pill. 

It will be easy to spot this bag in the studio after class.

Roll out any kinks or sore muscles with ease around the world with interchangeable adaptors. 

From super sweaty to glowing and ready with this travel-size set of cleansers, creams, and oils.

Burn some palo santo for a grounding scent during your flow.

For health inside and out.

Help them keep their space just as calm as their mind after a yoga class with a chic essential oil diffuser.

Then get them this calming essential oil to go with it. 

This sleek yet durable gym bag can take them from the office to the studio.

A lavender diffuser sets the tone for an on-demand yoga session.

This massage tool has probably been on your yogi friend’s wish list all year.

Help keep ’em hydrated.

A mat that’s made for whatever class is on the schedule.

Being wrapped up in a yoga blanket is the best feeling after savasana.

Pick a card and strike a pose.

Their spine will sing your praises.

Designed for you to experience yoga poses in a whole new way.

A quick-drying towel is essential for hot yoga sessions.

The recipient will be delighted to these weights during any workout from yoga to running to boxing, for an extra boost to their fitness routine.

A foam roller might be a bit awkward to wrap, but it’s a gift they’ll definitely enjoy using.

Trust us—an acupressure mat is a great way to decompress after a good workout.

From savasana straight into the tub.

For the yogi who can take a joke.

These best-selling leggings can handle any pose.

A crossover tank will look cute after class, too.

These leggings can be found in practically any yoga studio.

A quick way to look put together post-yoga.

Go with the flow in these comfortable leggings.

A luxurious modal silk tank is beyond breathable. 

The name says it all: just go with the flow.

It’s important to stay loose and warm before and after any yoga class. 

For yoga and beyond. 

Good karma is the gift that keeps on giving.

In long sleeves, too.

Help them get a grip—bonus points if you put these in their stocking.

They’ll love wearing this cute cropped pullover with high-waist leggings.

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