4 New Controversial, Celeb-Approved Denim Trends We Didn't See Coming

Not to brag, but we’ve already called quite a few controversial, celeb-approved denim trends this year. Remember the baggy-jean outfit Gigi Hadid sported that launched the anti–skinny jean trend? Or the overalls trend Emily Ratajkowski and Margot Robbie made popular? Or how about the dreaded low-rise jeans trend that Bella Hadid is single-handedly bringing back? We saw all these denim trends coming from a mile away.

However, these celeb-endorsed denim trends blindsided us: Chloë Sevigny’s leg-revealing, split-seam jeans at the Cannes Film Festival, Yara Shahidi’s cargo-style jeans, Olivia Culpo’s jorts. Even we here at Who What Wear headquarters didn’t see these ones coming. Keep scrolling to see the controversial new celeb denim trends that caught us by surprise this year, and then shop them for yourself if you’re feeling bold.

When we spotted Chloë Sevigny in a pair of leg-revealing, split-seam jeans at the Cannes Film Festival, we did a double take. With a structured blazer, a cropped button-down shirt, and Mary Jane heels, she proved that this striking style can be decidedly chic. Consider us convinced.

On Chloe Sevigny: Chanel shoes

Spotted on celebs like Yara Shahidi, Emily Ratajkowski, and Kendall Jenner, cargo-style jeans are definitely a contentious denim trend that’s poised to take off this spring. Ready or not, “ugly” cargo pants are officially on the rise.

On Yara Shahidi: Y-3 jeans

This denim trend started cropping up at Coachella, courtesy of celebs like Olivia Culpo, but if our Instagram feed is any indication, long jorts are here to stay through the summer. Move aside, short cutoffs; denim Bermuda shorts are going to dominate this season.

On Olivia Culpo: Grlfrnd shorts; Mercedes Castillo shoes; Fendi bag

Bella Hadid recently wore a head-to-toe denim outfit that reminded us of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s infamous denim-on-denim red carpet look from 2001. Leave it to Hadid to make it look cool 18 years later. 

On Bella Hadid: Denimcratic Denim Bustier ($850); Luv Aj Capri Wire Hoops ($35); Dickies Girl Carpenter Pants ($60)

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