Online Graphing Made Easy

Who says you need a graphing calculator to graph complicated functions? With, you can easily input equations and create easy to read, easy to manipulate graphs. It's simple, just visit,¬†press the + button to add a new equation, input the equation by¬†using your keyboard, and watch the program create a graph. Graphs are … Continue reading Online Graphing Made Easy

Order Fractions And Decimals To Boost Your Flower Power!

I have to admit it... I'm obsessed with MangaHigh's Flower Power game. Why? Because it's just plain fun! With the influx of educational games in the past few years, it becomes more and more challenging to find one that manages to hold a student's attention while allowing them to practice skills. That's why Flower Power … Continue reading Order Fractions And Decimals To Boost Your Flower Power!

3 Sports-Based Fraction Games

Most of my sixth-grade students are obsessed with sports. Whether its watching it or playing it - the conversation always tends to center back around sports. In fact, every time we visit the park for a brain break, it always ends in a heated pickup game! Right now, in class we are exploring different operations … Continue reading 3 Sports-Based Fraction Games

3 Probability Games To Build The Skill of Chance

Currently, our sixth graders are learning about simple and complex probability. Currently, students are working through skill-building problems and investigations with our math coach, but seem to be craving something more. So, in an effort to encourage them to work through problems, we've compiled a list of games that they can play as a reward … Continue reading 3 Probability Games To Build The Skill of Chance

Virtual Manipulatives: Fraction Tiles

For the past few weeks I've seen our sixth grade students practice fractions in a multitude of ways. From using the clock as a model to dividing up pizza pies, students have been working with a variety of manipulatives to cement how fractions work. One of the manipulatives that our Mathematics Coach uses with students … Continue reading Virtual Manipulatives: Fraction Tiles

Pearl Diver: Practice Number Lines With This Diving Game!

If you have students who struggle with the concept of a number line or even a student who just needs more practice, Pearl Diver might be just the thing for you. This fun game created by the fine folks at New Mexico State University lets students practice with a number line while diving for pearls … Continue reading Pearl Diver: Practice Number Lines With This Diving Game!

Free App of the Week: Mathmateer

This week's free app is Mathmateer, which is essentially a space-themed game for students to practice basic math functions. With tons of mathematic challenges in the free version, Mathmateer provides a robust application for engaging elementary-aged students with topics like counting, recognizing 3-dimensional shapes, telling time and working with money. As students complete challenges, they … Continue reading Free App of the Week: Mathmateer