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Technology Integration Matrix: Assess Yourself!

I came across this awesome matrix today and was excited about how I could use it to assess my own classroom and those of my colleagues around how effective our technology integration is. As always, it is my belief that the purpose of integration is to enhance and improve student learning. As awesome as the … Continue reading Technology Integration Matrix: Assess Yourself!


Innovate with Houston A+ Challenge this school year!

 If you type the word “innovation” into a Google search, you’ll get 125 million results in under half a second. Awesome? Yes. Overwhelming? Absolutely. In a world where information is accessible and expansive, how do we as educators begin to understand what innovation looks like in a focused, applicable format? In other words, how do … Continue reading Innovate with Houston A+ Challenge this school year!


Common Core Technology Skills Self-Assessment

This awesome self-assessment was created by some awesome people in the State of California was adapted from the Technology Skills Matrix for students. Essentially, the idea is that "if students are to know these skills in various areas of technology at different grade levels, teachers and administrators should be proficient as well. This assessment can be … Continue reading Common Core Technology Skills Self-Assessment


12 Free PD Courses You Should Take This Summer

Most teachers spend their summers enjoying some time off, working a second job, or traveling the country to visit conferences and professional development opportunities on the dollars of their school. This summer, you can engage in some meaningful professional development right from the comfort of your couch for the low, low fee of absolutely nothing! … Continue reading 12 Free PD Courses You Should Take This Summer