Chilly temps and strong winds devastate parts of the Capital Region

CAPITAL REGION, N.Y. (NEWS10) – As the massive winter storm continues to pummel our region with dangerous conditions, many areas are experiencing flooding, icy surfaces, and power outages.

Down near the Capitol, the streets are bare, and the air is cold. The added wind is enough to pierce through every layer of clothing I have on. And many sheltering inside their homes, staying far away from storm.   

Mother nature unleased her fury and delivered unwanted mayhem, just days before Christmas. 

In Gloversville, the James A. Brennan Humane Society suffered a devastating blow when a large tree came crashing down on one of their buildings. A posting on the humane society’s Facebook account lists several needed items and a PayPal account has been set up for monetary donations. The damage is so severe, they cannot take any new strays in right now.  

In Columbia County, the heavy rain and strong winds are causing flooding across the area. Take a look at State Route 9-G, just south of Hudson. Officials reminding drivers to avoid going through flooded roads because you do not know how deep it is. 

 In Brunswick, emergency crews responded to a car that went off the road and into a stream on Town Office Road about 4pm. We have not heard of any injuries at this time.  

Now on over to troy where downed trees are causing damage and creating outages. Tree branches taking down power lines on second street and National Grid responding to the scene. The utility company reminding people to avoid downed wires, and to report any downed wires or power outages.   

The storm is predicted to last into the early hours Saturday, and it is heavily advised to stay indoors and off roadways if possible.