Color Report: The 5 Shades Everyone Will Be Wearing This Winter

Like many, fall fashion is something we get the most excited about. But since we are optimistic here (or at least try to be), we’re still holding out hope for our devotion to fashion to continue on into the winter months. It can be difficult to navigate the freezing temperatures and the sun sets earlier than we’d prefer, but we’re still focusing on the positives of all. That includes thicker knits, statement outerwear, and a whole lot of other trends that will keep you cozier than a cup of hot chocolate. And while we’ve already given you the rundown on the main pieces you’ll be seeing this season, we also did a little digging to find the colors popping up on social media and within the market. While many fall hues trickle on into winter, there are a few new shades that have popped up just in time for the holidays and the New Year. 

Some days may be dreary, but you can supplement the lack of sunlight with some of the colors ahead. Since we’ve included saturated shades like cobalt and fuschia, we don’t think that will be a hard task. Keep scrolling for our seasonal color report and find where you can shop each right away.

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