Every Fashion Person Owns One of These 29 Sneakers That Are Ideal for Winter

“A sneaker girl never gets cold.” Or at least that’s what I thought until I had to carefully waddle through the snow in a pair. Some people are lucky to live in more moderate climates than New York City so can show off our regular kicks, but for us East Coasters, a thick pair of socks is required along with special styles. For me, high-tops and shearling-lined sneakers are currently high on the list for their warmth and protection.

Regardless of the weather, there are some It-girl sneakers that are worth wearing no matter the weather. We can’t forget that with the ups and downs of winter there are bound to be easier days to walk around with our sneakers on. Every season, I’m interested in buying a new pair, so below find 29 options that I’m seriously considering (and you should too).

If you like your Converse All Stars but feel too cold in them during the winter months, you need to try these shearling-lined ones.

Fashion girls can’t get enough of Reebok at the moment.

I love to have a slip-on pair handy for when I am just running out for a quick errand and don’t want to waste any time on pesky shoelaces. 

This shade is going to pair very well with your winter color palette.

I’m always waiting to see what Golden Goose’s next move will be.

Here I am, making another case for shearling.

These sell out every time they’re replenished, so act now before they’re gone.

Loewe has made me fall in love once again with anything retro.

Wear your greens.

Winter is a great time to trade in your white sneakers for an off-white option.

Everything about this is a yes for me.

Absolutely stunning.

If you’re thinking about how you’ll style your sneakers for winter, note the sock choice.

I just found out that Reformation has sneakers, and I want in.

You won me over.

If you think Air Force 1s have run their course, think again.

For snowy days, you might want a pair like this that will keep your ankles warm.

We love the classics.

Just when I thought I had enough New Balances…

For the girly girls.

Just look at that color.

Everyone will know you’re a fashion girl when you wear these.

You can’t go wrong with these.

The perfect gift for any label lovers in your life.

You had me at hello.

I’ve been eyeing these all fall.

A timeless fashion-girl favorite.

Do you remember what I said about high tops?

I’ll leave you with the perfect pair for a high-performance moment.

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This post was previously published and has since been updated.