'FBI allowing politics to seep into decisions': Former official

(NewsNation) — Politics are starting to “seep into FBI case decisions,” according to former FBI criminal investigations unit assistant director Chris Swecker.

Former President Donald Trump has claimed the FBI and the Department of Justice have been weaponized against him following the search of his Mar-a-Lago estate.

Swecker spoke out on Banfield on Tuesday night, saying that while he is looking for dissenting opinions on this, he believes that the FBI “has allowed itself to be used as a political tool.”

“At least some of the leadership at the FBI are allowing politics to seep into their cases and into their case initiations and their use of certain techniques,” Swecker said. “It pains me to say that. It pains me to admit that, because I love the organization. I love the people in it. I served for 24 years; immensely proud of that.”

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