Make sure to join Families for Safe Streets at Sunday’s ribbon cutting on the city’s (and perhaps the nation’s) first permanent memorial to victims of road violence. Here’s our preview.

Until then, here’s the news:

  • We liked Mary Frost’s story in the Brooklyn Eagle about the two guys who tried to set up a coffee cart on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. Next up? An investigation into how the Brooklyn Bridge footpath (once the Times Square of the Air) has become the Canal Street of the Sky?
  • In NYC, the trees have eyes. (Gothamist)
  • Curbed is the latest outlet to caution the city to go easy on demonizing electric bikes because they are the key to our sustainable transportation future.
  • Dave Colon covered yesterday’s rally in support of better transit service and fuller state funding.
  • How about that NYPD tow truck corruption scandal! (NYDN)
  • Hell Gate covered the bizarre town hall meeting inside Tompkins Square Park on Tuesday. Bottom line: Noise, needles and unhoused people have been part of that park’s history since the beginning.
  • Kudos to David Meyer of the Post for not overhyping the beginning of the DOT’s redesign process for Grand Army Plaza.
  • Robert Mujica, a holdover from the era of Cuomo, will step down as state budget director and from the MTA board. (NY Post)
  • Cars just burst into flames. Let’s have a Council hearing! (NY Post)
  • The Times is so late on the taxi cab fare increase. Nessen had it days ago!
  • Speaking of Gothamist, the outlet was all over the great Queens composting program.
  • Finally, here’s our old man’s latest criminal mischief, this time from Queens: