GOP, Dem strategists agree on why midterm momentum shifted

(NewsNation) — With less than two months until midterm elections, any change in poll numbers can feel like a small earthquake in a race. But so far, the odds of a Republican tidal wave seem to be fading.

A pair of ideologically opposed political strategists agree on the reason: the Supreme Court’s June abortion decision.

Republican strategist Allison Young says Democrats keeping the Senate “is against prevailing wisdom” given the economy, but the country’s mood on abortion has given them a platform.

“While Republicans also claimed to be getting a bump from that, because they can say that they delivered on something that they promised, Democrats are seeing more enthusiasm from young voters on this,” Young said on “Dan Abrams Live.”

Democratic strategist Bobby Kaple says that has to be the answer because inflation hasn’t let up.

“The economy hasn’t changed all that much in the last four or five months,” Kaple said. “But what has changed is the topic and the concern from specially women and younger women and suburban women around abortion rights and criminalizing abortion.”

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