Kaarina Parker

Kaarina Parker modelling for Hine Collection (left) and in an editorial image shot by Reihana Tait (right)

The summer break is finally here and with it comes the opportunity to catch up on some of the great stories you may have missed in the craziness of the year. In Part 1 of our end-of-the-year wrap-up, we’ve curated our favourite features and interviews for you across 2022 on FashioNZ.

Representation Matters: Why plus size models are not a trend

Seeing people that look like you in fashion campaigns, magazines, and on social media is powerful. Up until the past decade, you would be forgiven for thinking that only thin, mostly white people wore fashionable clothes as that was all that was promoted in advertising and the media. But with the recent proliferation of plus size models in fashion imagery and more designer brands offering extended sizing ranges, those of us with curvy bodies are finally feeling seen… Read More

DIY beauty vs in-clinic treatments – what should you leave to the pros?

The global pandemic and social media have played a huge role in the upsurge of at-home beauty treatments. While there are some DIY beauty treatments that can be effective and save you money – because let’s be real, most of us can’t afford to head to a salon or clinic for every little thing – how do you know when you’re out of your depth and when it’s worth paying a professional instead… Read More

Ethique’s founder Brianne West on how to identify greenwashing

We’re not experts in greenwashing but Ethique founder and CEO, Brianne West, walks the talk when it comes to her plastic-free beauty and lifestyle brand. She created the business herself back in 2012 in her kitchen at home as a university student. These days, Ethique is a global success, with its products sold in 25 markets across the world… Read More

Meet model and writer Kaarina Parker

Model Kaarina Parker (Ngāpuhi and Ngāti Maru) is having a moment, with her beautiful presence gracing a range of local campaigns in recent months. Kaarina has appeared in imagery for RUBY, Liam, Hera Couture, Daisy by Katie Yeung, Hine Collection and Taylor Sport among others, and she’s delighted to see her takatapui (queer) and statuesque self-represented in their campaigns… Read More

Simple tips and tricks to get the most out of your concealer

For make-up wearers, concealer is a staple item in your make-up kit. Concealer can not only be used to conceal things but actually has a wide array of uses. It truly is a multi-purpose product and if you know how to use it properly, it can transform a makeup look. We have put together some tips and tricks for using concealer, so you can get the most out of this wonder product… Read More

Abel Odor

Frances Shoemack, founder of Abel Odor

Abel Odor’s Frances Shoemack on creating innovative natural fragrances

Abel Odor‘s founder Frances Shoemack is on a mission to disrupt the fragrance category, recently launching the brand’s Parfum Extrait range which offers natural, alcohol-free, highly concentrated parfum made from therapeutic-grade essential oils. The new fragrances are made at the brand’s Wellington Fabriek (Dutch for factory) and are designed to be dabbed on pulse points for a restorative scent experience… Read More

Second Skin gives unwanted beauty products a new life  

Second Skin is a smart way to connect unwanted beauty products with those who will love and use them. Founded by Anastasia Donnachaidh in April 2020, the New Zealand-based online consignment store offers a range of pre-owned make-up and skincare, some of which has never been opened and some that has been tried and then hygienically cleaned to be suitable for a new owner. The range of products on offer includes many leading international and local beauty brands… Read More

What is Hydrodermabrasion and is it right for me?

Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated. For most people, spending just a few minutes a day on a routine that uses a small variety of high-quality, effective products can make a big difference. However, as skincare continues to become an increasingly important aspect of our lives, so too does the sheer volume of products and treatments available for consumers to choose from… Read More

What you should know about donating clothes to charity shops 

Each year thousands of pieces of clothing are donated to charity shops across the country. But is every garment acceptable to sell? Andrew* a Manager for a New Zealand charitable organisation says that they receive a steady stream of donations to their charity shops throughout the year. “We are fortunate to be in a position where we get a vast range of clothes donated to our charity shops. While these include men’s and children’s clothing, a vast majority of the clothing we receive are womenswear”… Read More

Little Flock of Horrors’ Lucy Wildman on flipping the childrenswear script 

There’s no brand quite like Little Flock of Horrors. They’ve flipped the script on what you might expect from childrenswear steeped in practicality: bringing seriously bold, fun and stylish designs to the table instead. You won’t find neutral tones or garishly gendered clothing in their Merino-centred range. Oh no, Little Flock of Horrors is all about designs that bridge fun and style. The result? Styles that kids and parents alike can love… Read More

Ashleigh Scott from The Facialist on the benefits of double cleansing

Renowned holistic facialist, Ashleigh Scott, founded her business The Facialist in 2014 to encompass her extensive experience in the international skincare industry with an innate understanding of wellness and healing. The inner-city space is a relaxing sanctuary where Ashleigh and her team deliver lustrous skin, restorative experiences, and targeted results… Read More

Murray Bevan interview

Murray Bevan, founder and director of Showroom 22. Image by Blake Dunlop.

Founder Murray Bevan on twenty years of fashion PR agency Showroom 22

Managing two decades in the fast-paced fashion industry is definitely worth celebrating and Showroom 22 founder and director, Murray Bevan, is elated to mark his brand’s twenty-year milestone this year. Launched in April 2002, Showroom 22 was Aotearoa’s first fashion public relations agency and while many agencies have popped up since, it is still leading the way forward… Read More

How skincare products are really formulated and what those ingredients are doing

If you’re like most people, there’s a chance you have a bathroom cabinet full of products where you don’t really know what’s in them, or how they’re made. Unfortunately, we’ve become so accustomed to buying products just because marketers lead us to believe that we need them. But we’re not as accustomed to looking into how they’re made and whether the ingredients could be harmful to our skin and bodies… Read More

Owning your style in the Boardroom 

Fashion changes constantly and in a pandemic environment with working from home becoming the norm and fewer events to get dressed up for, some of our previous outfit choices may not be as obvious as they once were. Many of us are now shopping differently and our outlook on how we choose to present ourselves to the world, albeit one that might be limited to zoom calls, has shifted dramatically… Read More

What you should know about coconut oil and your skin

If ever there was an ingredient that got an unnecessary bad rap in the skincare industry, it would have to be coconut oil. For years it was touted as a hero ingredient in health and wellness circles but thanks to some recent studies that have argued against its health benefits when consumed orally, it seems to have fallen by the wayside. However, just because it may not be all it’s cracked up to be when ingested, does that really mean it deserves to be taken from the bathroom shelf… Read More

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