Home builders show support for Insure Louisiana Incentive Fund

BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – Louisiana legislators are headed to the state Capitol next week to address one way to tackle the insurance crisis. People who build homes here in the state shared some ways they think can help as well.

Outside of the incentive fund that lawmakers will take on, Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon has advocated for home fortification as one way to tackle the insurance crisis.

A building code for stronger homes was created in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Just this year a new code addition went into effect that requires roofs to be taped at the joints to prevent water leaking through broken shingles that could lead to the ceiling caving in during a storm. The Louisiana Association of Home Builders is trying to get the word out so insurance companies can know roofs in south Louisiana can be stronger.

“With the new code they’re required to do that but there are some jurisdictions that don’t get a permit for a roof like much of Florida does and don’t inspect it,” said Randy Noel, former president of the Louisiana and National Association of Home Builders. “We’re trying to encourage the local jurisdictions to go ahead and do that. That captures the data for the insurance companies to know that we’ve done it.”

The association is in favor of the Insure Louisiana Incentive Fund being pushed by the commissioner. Their industry is heavily impacted by the insurance crisis as it heavily affects those with older homes.

“But if those folks can’t sell their house because they can’t find affordable insurance for their buyer, we can’t sell our new house,” Noel said.

They will be working with legislators during the regular session on any way to tweak the building code that could attract insurance companies back to the state.