I Just Got Back From New York—5 Real-Life Trends I Saw Everywhere

Every trip back to New York is a treat. Simply put, New Yorkers’ sartorial instincts are unrivaled. They’re usually some of the first to adopt emerging trends, so any outing to a restaurant or Duane Reade is like interacting with a living mood board. Recently, I went back to the city and couldn’t help but notice how put-together everyone looked. Among the various pieces I observed on its dwellers, there seemed to be five standout staples that consistently popped up among the most stylish women. Of course, upon returning to L.A., I immediately began looking for these to add to my very own closet. The items in question range from fresh runway trends to edgier streetwear staples to tried-and-true foundational pieces. Essentially, they reveal how New York fashion is a grab bag of eclectic styles and tastes. For a full list of the real-life trends New Yorkers can’t stop wearing, keep scrolling. 

Leave it to New Yorkers to embrace one of the season’s emerging trends before anyone else. If you think about it, the fascination makes sense. A leather bomber can toe the line between polished and casual, so it’s the perfect topper to navigate a day out and about. The idea here is to go for a roomier fit, so think about sizing up to capture the NYC essence.

I walked more during a few days staying in Brooklyn than in one week of living in Los Angeles. Walking is a necessity when you live in the city, so having shoes that are up for the task is essential. Sneakers are the obvious suspect, but true to NYC style, its inhabitants don’t just wear any type of sneakers. They’re sneakers with cool colorways and designs that elicit a double take.

Here’s where I saw things get really interesting. A lot of the cool people I observed wore long skirts in technical materials like nylon ripstop and rigid poplin. It’s a different take on the maxi-skirt trend that feels decidedly edgy and right on point for the city’s chilly (and sometimes gloomy) weather.

New Yorkers are busy people, which partly explains why there’s a cluster of people wearing backpacks and schlepping around bags on every block. The most stylish way to carry it all is in a big tote. Bottega Veneta’s Intrecciato tote was a popular choice, but I also noticed plenty of minimal totes in a variety of leather finishes.

While people in L.A. love their denim, New Yorkers love their polished trousers. The piece can easily be dressed up or down depending on the coordinating accessories, and they maintain a polished air without trying too hard.

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