I Just Got Back From Paris—7 Ways Everyone's Wearing Fall's Big Shoe Trends

While my trip to Paris might have been extremely short, its impact on me sartorially wise was monumental. While we cover French style on the regular here at Who What Wear, seeing the stylish looks in person was an experience of awe. Trust me, It’s not something we’ve imagined online—they do look that good and put together all the time. I happened to visit right at the beginning of the fall, so I spotted almost all the trends we’ve been reporting on recently. And while I’ve already talked about the general trends I saw on my trip, I found myself focusing on how French women were styling the current biggest shoe trends. Think ballet flats, knee-high boots, and low-top sneakers. 

Below, you’ll find my report on how everyone in Paris was wearing this season’s biggest shoe trends. As a shoe-hoarder, my trip has given me plenty of inspiration on how to style my favorite shoes for the season ahead. Keep scrolling to see and take notes.

I saw multiple pairs of Adidas Sambas while I was in Paris, and they were often styled with maxi skirts and dresses. If you can’t get your hands on the sneaker that Bella Hadid made viral, any low-top sneakers will work. While I usually pair my sneakers with jeans, I love the juxtaposition sporty shoes create with the elegant silhouette of a skirt.

I know “chic” is an overused word, but it’s the best way I can describe how loafers look paired with puddle pants. Both items are classic and sleek, making for the perfect fall combo. (Bonus points if the loafers are chunky.)

While you may have been wearing sandals with your midi skirts all summer (I know I have), don’t put the skirts away just yet. Instead, pair them with some heeled boots. Play around with skirt lengths, as they create a different look in depending on how much leg you show.

Baggy jeans are tricky to style, in my opinion, but heeled mules are the way to go. They offer additional height which can balance out the silhouette of the jeans and are still far more comfortable than stilettos or taller heels.

There’s just something about the look of sheer tights that makes knee-high boots so much more elevated. Add a blazer on top and you’ve got yourself the perfect fall ensemble.

While balletcore may be currently trending, French girls have been championing the style for years. 

Satin dresses are the ultimate wardrobe staple, and I saw no shortage of them while in Paris. While there was the occasional pair of ballet flats or sneakers, the majority of French girls were wearing tall leather boots with their silky dresses. 

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