I'm Obsessed With TikTok's "Cold Girl" Makeup Trend—Here's What You Need

While scrolling through TikTok recently, I discovered an emerging makeup trend that doesn’t seem to have that much coverage yet but will undeniably grow in popularity as we race toward the cooler months. It’s called “cold girl” makeup: a serotonin-filled, ultra-feminine offshoot of the “clean girl” makeup trend that’s been taking over my For You page.

“Cold girl” makeup is a look that’s based on the unique appearance of skin that’s been exposed to the wintry elements. Think blushing cheeks, frosty pink lips, and a perfectly matte, blurred base. Essentially, “cold girl” is a happy medium between the “clean girl” and the “cool girl” beauty aesthetics that gained popularity in 2022. It’s effortlessly chic and perfect to try as we enter the cooler months.

A makeup tutorial posted on October 17 by user and makeup artist Zoe Kim Kenealy introduces the look by setting the scene: “[It’s] 45 degrees, it’s the holidays, we’re drinking cocoa… that kind of cold.” The video has since received over 2.3 million views, emblematic of the trend’s sudden popularity. If you’re as obsessed with this makeup trend as I am, you’re in luck! I’ve combed through the “cold girl” makeup tag on the app to determine the must-have products to re-create this aesthetic.

Keep reading to discover which products will have you looking like you’ve spent a chilly day on the slopes!

Achieve a smooth, matte complexion by opting for concealer and foundation with light-medium coverage. To avoid shine, give your face a light dusting of finishing powder focusing especially on the T-zone: your forehead, nose, and chin.

For that “just-pinched” look, layer pigmented blush in dusty rose and orange hues on the cheeks. Need more color? Try brushing the blush across your nose and your cupid’s bow for a sweet touch. Remember to go back over with your setting powder!

I’m always a fan of a clean, well-executed feathered brow look. Use your favorite brow brush to sweep the brows up and then use a gel to add a natural shape without making them too bold.

For this look, we’re keeping the eyes clean and simple with a hint of sparkle. Sweep a pearly pink eye shadow across the lid and blend out; then finish off with a coat of mascara. Pro tip: start applying the mascara on the outer corner of your eyes for fluttery lashes.

Pat a mauve shade of tinted lip balm across your lips, and then, for a finishing touch, add some matching gloss for a little shine. Just because your lips look exposed to the elements doesn’t mean they have to feel and look dry!

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