With Halloween upon us, LAMag has rounded up the best ways to get spooked around the city this year. And we are dead serious. Really. If you’re not in the mood to be truly frightened and just looking for a festive activity, please, for your own safety, move on. IF you’d like the bejesus scared out of you, we’ve got you covered. 

Creep Los Angeles

Have you ever wanted to star in a horror film? Then Creep Los Angeles is for you. Starting in 2015, Creep has been creating unforgettable moments by combining emotional acting, complex storytelling, and real-life performers.

Dark Harvest

“If you’re not terrified, then we’re not doing our job,” says the folks at this fright-fest. Get ready to experience all things gore while walking through this spectacular eight-minute attraction. From intense audio and strobe lights to special events and sudden actions, Dark Harvest is enthusiastic about creating an intense environment that will have you leaving with a shiver.

(Courtesy: Delusion)


Leave your everyday self at the door, and come into Delusion with an open mind that is ready to be scared. Join the stars of Delusion in an interactive play full of horror, mystery and suspense. You will play a part in a spooky story as you walk through the Delusion venue. Want to know how the story ends? There’s only one way to find out.

Ghost Train (Courtesy Tweetsie Railroad)

Halloween Ghost Train

Priding itself on attractions for all ages, Tweetsie Railroad has something in store for everyone. Enjoy Wild West adventures by day and Halloween attractions by night. Trick-or-treating, dance parties, and the palace Spooktacular show will be perfect for the littlest fight seekers, while the ghost train, haunted house, and freaky forest are perfect for the more ambitious attendees.

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