Meet Aditi Rao

Meet The Author
Hi everyone, and welcome to my blog, TeachBytes. Thank you for checking out my site, and I hope you enjoy it!

My name is Aditi Rao. I am really passionate about technology in education, both for students in classrooms and teachers. I recently finished up my Master’s in Educational Technology from Johns Hopkins University, before which I was certified to teach English at the University of Texas.

I hope that my blog will help educators discover interesting new tools to use in their own classrooms. If you are interested in contacting me about advertising or would like for me to speak or lead a professional development session at your school, please use this form.

5 thoughts on “Meet Aditi Rao

  1. Hi Aditi, I like what you are writing. There are definitely lots of ways for technologies to be adopted to enhance classroom learning. I’m from Singapore. It is really hard to get teachers make the switch to using technologies in classroom. They still prefer to write on the whiteboard, even though there are great apps such as splashtop whiteboard etc.

    Basically, they prefer to teach how they have been taught in the past. Not right.

    From your point of view, what causes the resistance from teachers? Any tips on how it can be overcome?


    1. Hi Muhammad, thank you for your comment! Resistance to change is natural, and I have seen it with veteran teachers as well as new ones. In my opinion, there are a lot of traditional methods that are efficient and work well, and teachers should be encouraged to continue those best practices. However, it is also important to adapt to the needs of our students, which currently includes using technologies in the classroom. Plus, often times these technologies allow us to do things that we were previously unable to do, and should be utilized to provide students with the best learning opportunities possible.

      I think the best way to overcome resistance is simply to educate instructors on these new technologies. Show them new tools gradually, teach them how to use them and help them to become comfortable with these tools. Show them the capabilities the new tools provide and excite them with the opportunities! If teachers are excited by a tool, they are much more likely to use them with their students 🙂

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