Migrants headed for border on original Title 42 expiration date

​(NewNation) — The anticipation was that Title 42 would end Wednesday, but the Biden administration asked for an extension until next week.

That messaging didn’t matter as most of the people crossing the border were already en route and in Mexico waiting for the green light to go.

Migrant crossing numbers in Yuma have increased by roughly 1,000 week over week, and agents say this week is on pace for more of the same. 

NewsNation spoke to Yuma County Supervisor Jonathan Lines who says these numbers are not sustainable, and the federal government needs to do something to help border communities that are being strained.

The mayor also says the city is preparing for border patrol to be forced to conduct street releases as the facilities are already exceeding capacity. Lines says the infrastructure can’t handle those releases, as they don’t have bus depots or facilities that can assist the migrants on their journey.

​NewsNation Southwest correspondent Ali Bradley talked with two young women from Cuba who say they are fleeing a violent dictatorship and are seeking asylum, hoping to start anew. They say they were told by their family and friends in the United States that they would be safe and taken care of here, and that food and medical care would be provided to them.

The next steps for most of these migrants will be to be processed and released by border patrol, and then they will have reporting instructions of a “notice to appear” at their final destinations.

That date might not be for at least 2 years. The mayor is asking for additional ICE resources and transportation support to prevent street releases this week.