By Solomon Nwoke

Anyanwu Marcello has appealed to the Electoral Committee of the NFF to reconsider his disqualification and grant him waiver to contest for the presidency.

The former Arsenal Football Academy Coach while speaking to Sports Vanguard yesterday, called on the NFF Electoral Committee to rescind their decision to disqualify him from the election stressing that although he was not officially communicated as to why he was disqualified, the grounds for his disqualification has nothing to do with his capacity to inject fresh air into Nigeria football.

“I am shocked and disappointed when some concerned Nigerians called to tell me that I have been disqualified from the election.

“Up till today, the Screening Committee is yet to communicate to me either by mail, sms or phone call as detailed in the forms I submitted.

“Why did they not get across to me personally?

 I am appealing to the Electoral Committee to rescind their decision to disqualify me.

“I bought my form, provided all the necessary documents required by law. My disqualification was on  technical ground which can be waived.

“NFF screening committee should grant me waiver and allow me to contest the forthcoming NFF presidential election. after obtaining forms and all necessary documents,” he said

The former MFM coach insisted that some sections of the electoral guidelines are rigid and should be amended.

For instance, Section 4.3 mandates aspirants for the post of president to be to be nominated by his/her state Football Association, FA Chairman along with three other chairman from three geopolitical zones. The Section sites: ‘in case of the president, he (the aspirant) must have been nominated by his state FA of origin and endorsed by three (3) other FA chairmen from (3) different geopolitical zones upon the purchase of the nomination form’

Section 4.4 adds that ‘ Nothing in these Guidelines shall be construed as preluding any state FA or other member (s) of NFF from endorsing more than one candidate provided that the endorsement does not relate to the same position’

From the foregoing, there are two sides to the provision.

1.The state FA of NFF members are allowed to endorse more than one candidate, however

2 Number 1 above is possible provided both candidates are not for the same position. For instance they cannot endorse Mr A and Mr B at the same time if they are both presidential candidates.

Also, they’re free to endorse Mr A and Mr B if they’re vying for different positions, eg Mr A for president and Mr B for vice president, this allowed.

So in summary FA and NFF members are not allowed to endorse candidates for same position, Also they can endorse more than one if its for different positions.

With this there won’t be two presidential candidates from a particular state.

Consequently, Mr. Anyanwu who is currently the Head scout of Gulf United Football Club, Dubai said “the endorsement and nomination should not be solely by state FA chairmen.  It should be by  any congress member  3 out of 5 statutory bodies that make up the NFF Congress.

The proposed September 30 NFF election may not hold on the planned date following a Federal High Court order directing a stoppage of the election until a case before it with regard to the election is adjudicated.

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