Over a foot of snow in Tannersville

TANNERSVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Friday was day two of the long duration storm. Tannersville Village reporting 12 inches, or more. The snow here is stacked and was still falling Friday night, as it had been over much of the Capital Region.

 It was a lovely snow scene in Amsterdam Friday morning with not much accumulation in the day. Albany started with a rainy mix accumulating a couple inches of snow as of the Friday afternoon. The flakes began picking up in Clifton Park later in the day.

However, in the Painted Village in the Sky also known as Tannersville, the heavy wet snow started early and showed no signs of stopping. The elevation played a significant role in the snowfall that blanketed the village.

For folks braving the elements to go out and about there was the Last Chance Antiques and Cheese Café serving up warm food and spirits to those who are of age.

“We had about a foot of snow and we’re here for the skiers and we’re always here serving up comfort food to the skiers and we’ve been doing it since 1971,” said Dave Cashmen, café owner.

It is where photographer Anthony and I enjoyed a hearty meal to warm up all while hearing snow stories from other customers.

“We were snowboarding earlier today and we [would] just like to eat some food,” said Ryan Barrett.

“I just love the snow. I love snowboarding. Who doesn’t love a good Snowman?” said Kevin Herman.

“My car is only two-wheel drive. So, I couldn’t leave these guys if I wanted to,” joked Daniel Collins.

All jokes aside, once they do leave the restaurant, they know where they are going for snow activities.

“Hunter Mountain. Yeah, that’s our home mountain,” said Kevin and Heidi Thompson.

“Hunter Mountain, baby,” said Thomas Starrmka.

And even though Tannersville is among the areas to get close to snowfall jackpot, villagers were keeping it in perspective.

“It’s just another snowstorm,” said Kevin Thompson.

The storm is not finished just yet. The snowfall is expected to continue into early hours of Saturday. Clearing out just in time for the skiers, snowboarders and snowmobiles to hit the fresh powder.