Search Google Effectively In The Classroom

Recently in one of my classes, I learned about Google search optimization, or how to search more effectively. It really opened my eyes to how ineffectively I was utilizing the search engine before, and how I could use tricks and tips to save valuable time when looking for information online. The main "must-know" tips are … Continue reading Search Google Effectively In The Classroom Online Graphing Made Easy

Who says you need a graphing calculator to graph complicated functions? With, you can easily input equations and create easy to read, easy to manipulate graphs. It's simple, just visit,¬†press the + button to add a new equation, input the equation by¬†using your keyboard, and watch the program create a graph. Graphs are … Continue reading Online Graphing Made Easy

JustBeamIt: Secure, Drag-And-Drop File Sharing

Need to share a file with a colleague in a pinch? Try JustBeamIt - a drag-and-drop file sharing service. Just drag a file from your computer to the online program and JustBeamIt will generate a unique URL for you. Share this link with whoever you want to view the file - and they will be … Continue reading JustBeamIt: Secure, Drag-And-Drop File Sharing

100,000 Stars: A Google Chrome Experiment

The Google Data Arts Team has developed an incredible, interactive visual of the galaxy. Called 100,000 Stars, it shows the real location of over 100,000 stars in a spatially realistic setting. Viewers can zoom in and out and access information for over 87 major named stars, including our own solar system. You can read more … Continue reading 100,000 Stars: A Google Chrome Experiment

Unroll.Me: Instant Email Inbox Cleanup!

As an educator, I am often searching for new online services that I can use with my students to enhance their learning and engage them in new content. However, that often results in accidentally subscribing to hundreds of new apps online, and then being bombarded by newsletters and subscription emails. Now, my inbox is often … Continue reading Unroll.Me: Instant Email Inbox Cleanup!

Use Vibby To Make YouTube Videos Go Further In Your Classroom!

Today I discovered Vibby, a neat little web application that allows you to edit, comment, and interact with YouTube videos in a pinch! The process is relatively simple... First, select the video you want to use: Then, highlight sections of the video you find most interesting, confusing, or conversation-worthy. Select these to make them the … Continue reading Use Vibby To Make YouTube Videos Go Further In Your Classroom!

5 Interactive Periodic Tables Worth Losing Your Chemistry Cool Over!

Right now, we are beginning to unearth the awesomeness that is the periodic table in my science classroom. While perusing for lesson ideas and tech-driven resources, I came across these pretty nifty tables that make learning about the elements more interactive and engaging. TED-Ed Periodic Table Probably my favorite so far just because of the … Continue reading 5 Interactive Periodic Tables Worth Losing Your Chemistry Cool Over!