Saratoga County trio nabbed in underage drinking sting

SARATOGA COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — New York State Police on Thursday released the results of an enforcement project intended to curb underage alcohol sales in Saratoga County. The sting ended with three businesses under fire, after allegedly selling booze to someone under the age of 21.

Businesses that allegedly sold alcohol to an underage customer:

  • East Side Wine & Spirits, 11 Maple Dell, Saratoga Springs
  • Jones & 50 Wine and Spirits, 4208 NY-50, Saratoga Springs
  • Friendly Spirits Wines & Liquors, 1346 US-9, South Glens Falls

Those behind the counter at each store were charged with first-degree unlawfully dealing with a child. A class “A” misdemeanor, the charge carries up to one year in jail, a probation term of three years, and a substantial fine if convicted.

Thirteen other businesses across the county were checked during the sting. None of them sold alcohol to an underage person and were recognized for their compliance.

Compliant stores:

  • Stewart’s Shops, 227 Balard Road, Wilton
  • Simplee Wine and Spirits, 654 Saratoga Road, Wilton
  • Stewart’s Shops, 335 Northern Pines, Wilton
  • Minogue’s Beverage Center, 624 Maple Avenue, Wilton
  • Cumberland Farms, 571 Maple Avenue, Wilton
  • Saratoga Wine and Liquor, Maple Avenue, Wilton
  • Stewart’s Shops, 3 Maple Dell, Saratoga Springs
  • Mobil, State Route 9, Saratoga Springs
  • A Plus Mini Market, 3009 NY-50, Saratoga Springs
  • Target, 3031 NY-50, Wilton
  • Mobil, NY-50, Wilton
  • Walgreens, 3020 NY-50, Saratoga Springs
  • Stewart’s Shops, 4208 NY-50, Saratoga Springs

During these investigations, an undercover trooper enters a business with an underage person. The minor tries to buy alcohol and cannot lie about their age if asked.