Shadowy group to Arizona Democrats: 'We are watching you'

(NewsNation) — An anonymous group called “Ben Sent Us” is sending handwritten letters threatening Arizona Democrats to vote. The warning: “We are watching you.”

One letter reads: “Retirees with nothing else to do” will file “hundreds” of lawsuits alleging voter fraud. “They will be locating your homes, your social media profiles and pictures and posting them online.”

Mark McKinnon, the former adviser to President George Bush and Sen. John McCain, says the letters are a “result of what happens when you convince two-thirds of the country that the election was stolen.”

“Yes, it’s frightening, and it’s shocking. But it’s absolutely a cause and effect from what happened in 2020,” McKinnon said Thursday night on “Banfield.” “It’s an echo of what we saw on January 6.”

The good news, McKinnon says, is that democracy groups around the country are taking legal action to stop these threats and letters from going out.