Remind101: Private Text Message System

I had posted a long time ago about Remind101, but upon visiting the site recently had to share again. Remind101 is a fantastic tool created by brothers Brett and David Kopf, who realized that students are most available and accessible via text message. So, they created Remind101 so that teachers and administrators can easily remind students of … Continue reading Remind101: Private Text Message System


LOL of the Week

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Halloween. Are you doing anything with technology this Halloween? If so, I'd love to hear about it! Post your comments below, and enjoy the educational technology cartoon: How early is too early to expose children to technology?

Classroom Management of Mobile Devices: The Traffic Signal Approach

It's the big question circulating through my school, and probably most of yours right now: Should I let my students use mobile devices in class? As you probably already know, cell phones can be a great tool for instruction. They provide opportunities for individual feedback with tools like PollEverywhere, as well as quick access to web … Continue reading Classroom Management of Mobile Devices: The Traffic Signal Approach

PollEverywhere and 5 Classroom Uses

PollEverywhere is a web 2.0 tool that utilizes SMS text messaging to collect and track responses. It is a wonderful way to incorporate cell phones in the classroom for learning, rather than battling against them! Students can use any device that is text capable to respond to PollEverywhere. Polls can be multiple choice, or open … Continue reading PollEverywhere and 5 Classroom Uses