Search Google Effectively In The Classroom

Recently in one of my classes, I learned about Google search optimization, or how to search more effectively. It really opened my eyes to how ineffectively I was utilizing the search engine before, and how I could use tricks and tips to save valuable time when looking for information online. The main "must-know" tips are … Continue reading Search Google Effectively In The Classroom Online Graphing Made Easy

Who says you need a graphing calculator to graph complicated functions? With, you can easily input equations and create easy to read, easy to manipulate graphs. It's simple, just visit, press the + button to add a new equation, input the equation by using your keyboard, and watch the program create a graph. Graphs are … Continue reading Online Graphing Made Easy

Find Your Role Model

Recently, a friend of mine posted this link on Facebook, and I was excited to share with you the possibilities it holds for the classroom. The Academy of Acheivement (A Museum of Living History) has developed a page titled, "Find Your Role Model" on their website. This is essentially a search engine that students can use … Continue reading Find Your Role Model

BardBytes: Shakespeare on the Web

I wanted to share with you a work-in-progress, but exciting website: BardBytes. BardBytes, aptly summarized by its title, is an effort to bridge the gap between the Elizabethan Era and the 21st century classroom by providing educators with modern Shakespearean resources. Resources are categorized into history, tragedy, comedy and poetry, and then by individual plays. … Continue reading BardBytes: Shakespeare on the Web

CalmCounter: Free Classroom Noise Level Monitor!

The Bouncy Balls classroom noise level monitor remains to this day one of the most popular posts on TeachBytes. So, when I came across CalmCounter, I knew I had to share immediately. Although it doesn't have any exciting bouncing balls, it is still a solid way to measure classroom noise: Just like Bouncy Balls, CalmCounter is a website … Continue reading CalmCounter: Free Classroom Noise Level Monitor!

Free Rice: Answer Questions Correctly and Help Alleviate World Hunger

Sounds a little farfetched, I know, but it is true! At Free Rice, every question you answer correctly donates 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program. This website is a wonderful way for students to practice important subject skills and simultaneously learn about charity and world hunger. More information, data and … Continue reading Free Rice: Answer Questions Correctly and Help Alleviate World Hunger

Daily Writing Prompts: Foster Creativity With Writing

A while ago, when I was searching the web for creative ideas for writing prompts, I came Writing Prompts. This is Tumblr weblog run by educator Luke Neff, who posts a new, visually appealing writing prompt each day (or almost each day). These are fantastic and creative, and often encourage higher level thinking from students. All of … Continue reading Daily Writing Prompts: Foster Creativity With Writing