The 29 Best Pairs of No-Show Underwear in Every Cut and Style

I have extremely fond memories of my wedding and ended up having no regrets about my bridal jumpsuit look, except for one major oversight on my end: I didn’t opt for a pair of no-show underwear. It was a major face-palm moment. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until after the wedding when I saw the pictures that I realized that I had VPL (visible panty line) in some of the shots. Thankfully, it wasn’t too bad and could be edited out of photos, but it will forever be a thorn in my side when I think of my nuptials. It’s for reasons like these that no-show underwear is such a popular and photogenic item.

The style is truly one that everyone needs in their lingerie collection—no matter the occasion. Whether it’s with your favorite jeans while running errands, a formfitting dress on date night, your everyday leggings, or even your yoga pants, a pair of no-frill, seamless panties will help to keep your outfit streamlined. This ultimately spares you the disappointment I experienced firsthand at my wedding. Here’s to a simple pair of underwear being able to give you one less thing to worry about. Hey, it’s the little things that can make a huge difference.

Keep scrolling to shop our roundup of no-show underwear at all price points and sizes. We found the best pairs with the highest reviews on Nordstrom, Amazon, and more to help you avoid VPL from killing any of your future looks. You’re welcome.

Top Review: “I’ve worn my ahh-llelujah thongs a few times and I absolutely love them. They don’t bunch and aren’t uncomfortable. I can wear them with anything, and not have any panty lines. These are my new favorites!”

Top Review: “This thong is perfect to boost your confidence when wearing a slim-fitting dress. Smoothed out my stomach/love handles without being restricting or overly tight. Comfortable to wear for many hours at a time.”

Top Review: “Like I have nothing on! The most comfortable thong I’ve ever worn. Super stretchy but holds the shape.”

Top Review: “Comfy panties with no panty line. For those of us who prefer a little comfort.”

Top Review: “These are my new favorite underwear! The wear well, wash well, and don’t give any lines.”

Top Review: “Great item! Gives you a nice, clean defined waist and there are no visible lines.”

Top Review: “I love them! I want to order more! They are so comfortable and they fit great!”

Top Review: “Absolutely loved the color, the material, and how comfortable it fits around your body. It does not show any outline when wearing clothes, even spandex.”

Top Review: “It’s very soft and comfy. Will definitely buy again.”

Top Review: “I was pleasantly surprised by this bikini underwear. The quality of the mesh was sturdy and super soft. The gusset (crotch area) is 100% cotton (not mentioned in the product description). The bikini hugs the body so there are no visible panty lines under clothes.”

Top Review: “I was concerned that these were one size fits all (since I’m 5’3″ and 120 lbs) but they are wonderful! They are my new favorite no-show thong for under dresses! They fit great and there are no panty lines! I bought the black and nude and I will probably buy more in new colors.”

Top Review: “These are so comfortable! I immediately ordered more after trying these.”

Top Review: “I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of invisible line panties ever since they became a thing! These are the ones!”

Top Review: “Feather light stretchy mesh. As comfortable as wearing nothing. No panty lines.”

Top Review: “After 10 years, I have had to replace my On Gossamer mesh briefs. They are virtually invisible, even under leggings, and have help their shape (with hand drying) through years of regular use. It’s great to be able to buy the same, excellent product so long after I bought my first ones. Kudos to On Gossamer for not tinkering with perfection!”

Top Review: “These thongs are the only underwear that I’ll wear anymore. I love the fit, love the feel, they’re invisible under any outfit and I can’t even tell that I have them on.”

Top Review: “I love this underwear! It is the only underwear I wear with yoga pants and under spandex and to the gym. It is silky smooth and comfortable, creates zero lines, and makes you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.”

Top Review: “There are a lot of so-called seamless panties out on the market, but Calvin Klein’s Invisibles line is truly seamless due to the laser cut edges!”

Top Review: “This is the best underwear I have ever worn. They remain at the top of my drawer because all the other panties I have I NEVER wear. They don’t show under your clothes and they are so comfortable.”

Top Review: “These are the best underwear I’ve ever owned! They last FOREVER and are a great deal. So far, I have perfectly nice ones that are 10 years old. Unbelievable!”

Top Review: “So comfortable, and invisible under clothing without feeling flimsy. Hanro really does make high-quality items.”

Top Review: “These are my ‘go to’ panties, comfortable, some support, and seamless under clothes.”

Top Review: “I did a lot of research looking for new underwear to try that were actually comfortable, not too tight, soft, and airy—these briefs check all the boxes. I wash them in mesh laundry bags and hang them to dry and they’ve kept their form.”

Top Review: “The fit is perfect and they are so soft and smooth it’s like you don’t even have them on. The sides and bottoms stay in place and don’t roll up or show a panty line.”

Top Review: “So soft, breathable and they keep their shape all over.”

Top Review: “Very nice seamless underwear. They don’t not roll up or ride up.”

Top Review: “Best underwear I’ve ever owned. No lines and they mean it. Super comfy, super soft.”

Top Review: “I have tried different brands of underwear claiming to be lineless. These really are. I hate wearing thongs, and I wear a lot of leggings and yoga pants. These are the only ones I have that don’t show lines. I just bought two more pairs.”

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