This Denim Trend Is Crushing Everything Else—Here Are 5 Shoes to Try With It

If you ask me, there’s a single denim trend that’s ruling them all these days. Perhaps I’m biased here since this style has risen to the top of my denim stack and stayed there, but ever since I added a pair of Levi’s Ribcage Wide-Leg Jeans to my closet at the start of the year, wide-leg fits are the only jeans I can think about and all I want to wear.

We’ve seen wide-leg denim on celebrities and fashion people, and we’ve been seeing the wider fits flood the denim sections at our go-to online retailers. Now that we’ve established that, let’s turn to your next logical question: What are the best shoes to wear with wide-legs?

In my outfit research, I noticed a few common themes on the Instagram feeds of fashion people: It seems they’ve all been gravitating toward five shoe styles, in particular, when they wear wide-leg jeans. So if you’re game to try the denim trend (which I hope to convince you of), then scroll down to discover why each of shoe styles plays well with the jeans and peruse the pairs I suggest trying.

Pairing sleek, square-toe ankle boots with roomy-fitting jeans is kind of a no-brainer since boots and jeans are the combination that we wear over and over for the majority of the year. A pair of heeled boots also make your legs appear longer, especially if your jeans are high-waisted, since it creates an elongated silhouette.

I’m giggling to myself as I write this because, well, you’d be hard-pressed to find any jean shape under the sun that doesn’t look good with classic white kicks. Wide-leg jeans happen to pair especially well with the sneakers and it creates an effortless, off-duty vibe.

Fashion people all happen to agree that easy mules with one or a few straps look delightful with the jeans since many of their outfits combine the two.

Platforms and wide-leg jeans are a bit more unlikely of a pairing, but as you can see from the below outfits, platform boots or brogues add an undeniably cool element to the denim.

One of my favorite combinations? Wide-leg jeans with strappy sandals. There’s something elevated about this duo, and I like that the sandals dress up the jeans a bit so you could easily transition them into a nighttime look if you wanted. Just throw on a sultry top and you’re ready to go.

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This story was published at an earlier date and has since been updated.