It's our December donation drive. Click  this link to donate.
It’s our December donation drive. Click this link to donate.

It was an epically slow news day — until Mayor Adams summoned reporters to the Rotunda at City Hall to tell us what a great job he’s done in all areas of public safety, including telling us he’d removed thousands of “ghost cars” from the streets.

As we said in an editorial yesterday (which we didn’t think was particular controversial no matter how it was received), it’s our job to contextualize and verify when the administration claims it has gotten stuff done. That’s no knock on our government workers, who generally are upright and honest, but merely a statement of our mission as journalists. We can’t assume anyone’s lying or telling the truth — so if any of our questions to various agencies (in this case, the NYPD) remain outstanding, we aren’t ready to publish.

For instance, it may sound great that the NYPD says it seized 5,500 “ghost cars,” but without knowing how many it seized in previous years, it’s impossible to know if the agency is getting more or less stuff done.

So we’ll get back to you know when we know all the facts. We don’t think you’d want it any other way.

And speaking of our integrity, we received a bunch more donations from our gracious benefactors, whom we will thank here: Thanks, Andrews! Thanks, Rick and Bicycle Habitat! Thanks, Michael! Thanks, Karen! Thanks, Alec!

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In other news:

  • A U-haul driver fleeing cops struck and critically wounded a man in Queens. (NYDN)
  • Grand Central Madison has the ventilator blues. (NYDN, NY Post)
  • The MTA board approved the agency’s budget, which includes a fare hike a minor service cuts — but leaves the amount of the fare hike to be determined after hearings next year. (amNY, Crain’s)
  • Meanwhile, we also covered the board meeting, and focused on how Albany could easily wipe away those service cuts … with a little money.
  • Mayor Adams has fallen short on adding the required number of bus lane miles, Gothamist reported in a story that once again proves the accuracy of Jesse Coburn’s earlier investigation on the Adams administration bus failings.
  • And, finally, our editor nabbed “leaf man” again!