It's our December donation drive. Click this link to donate.
It’s our December donation drive. Click this link to donate.

We beg 1,000 pardons, but we forgot to thank all of the weekend donors in yesterday’s headlines — and now so many more readers have been moved to give that we have a blockbuster honor role of benefactors to thank. Here goes!

Thanks, Charlie (and we’ll pass along your support for “criminal mischief” to our boss)! Thanks, Bob! Thanks, Sarah (dedicated to Zach Endres)! Thanks, Brad! Thanks, Michael! Thanks, Samuel! Thanks, David! Thanks, Stephen!

We’ll still be accepting donations through the end of the year, so get crackin’! (Thanks!)

Here’s the news roundup from yesterday — alas, it is thin. Did anyone work on Dec. 26?:

  • Electric buses move hundreds of people at a fraction of the cost of diesel- or gas-powered buses. Certainly that should be taken into account when pricing electricity, no? (NY Post)
  • People shouldn’t drive so fast. (NYDN)
  • The federal omnibus spending bill includes $45 million for walking and biking projects, but that’s just a small fraction of what’s needed. (Streetsblog USA)
  • The long-overdue redesign of Fifth Avenue should serve as a model for other cities. (Fast Company)
  • Let’s not forget Monday’s big story about Council Member Selvena Brooks-Powers and her recidivist car.
  • Speaking of Monday, in case you missed it, our editor did a deep dive on the most horrific pedestrian and cyclist deaths of the bloody 2022. (Streetsblog)
  • And speaking of criminal mischief, here was yesterday’s entry. Come for the plate un-defacing, stay for the grateful thanks from the car owner: