Vance: Ryan running 'disingenuous' campaign

(NewsNation) — With two months until Election Day, seeing which issues are at the top of mind for candidates is critical.

In Ohio, polls paint the picture of a close Senate race between Republican J.D. Vance and Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan. According to Decision Desk HQ polling, Vance is currently ahead of Ryan by less than two percentage points.

Vance spoke with a NewsNation station recently about the importance of Ohio’s Senate race, as control of Congress remains at stake. He called Ryan’s campaign pitch as a moderate choice for voters “disingenuous.”

“I instinctively mistrust polls at this stage. I don’t think they’re anything more than, at best, a snapshot of the race,” Vance said. “The choice for Ohio voters is so clear. You have a guy who has been very anti-police, very pro-inflationary policies. You have an alternative. And I’m the alternative.”

In the video above, Vance speaks about his stance on polling, student debt and the Inflation Reduction Act.