WATCH: Patient plays saxophone while undergoing brain surgery

ROME (WFLA) — It takes talent to play the saxophone, but playing the saxophone while undergoing brain surgery? That’s impressive.

Video released by Paideia International Hospital in Rome, Italy, showed a patient playing the instrument while having a tumor removed.

A team of 10 medical professionals from across the world worked to remove the cancer during a nine-hour procedure — while the patient was still awake.

The patient did not lose any neurological functions during the procedure, and he demonstrated his awareness by playing a bluesy tune.

The hospital said the complex “awake surgery” made it possible for doctors to map the parts of the brain that handle specific functions such as speaking, moving, and — you guessed it — playing music.

“The goal of awake surgery is to remove the brain tumor or a vascular malformation such as cavernomas located in specific areas of the brain, while preserving the patient’s quality of life,” said Dr. Christian Brogna, an expert in cancer surgery who led the procedure.

The surgery was a success, and the musician can now continue playing the saxophone, this time cancer-free.