We All Think These 8 Trends Are Fleeting, But These 8 Will Last

The trend cycle moves fast, and there’s a variety of picks that lose and gain popularity each season. We’re always reporting on what’s new in fashion here at Who What Wear, but we also firmly believe that you should also wear whatever you choose, regardless of what’s deemed “on-trend” at the moment. That’s why we took to the members of our fashion team to ask—despite what’s trending right now—about the trends they’re leaning more toward because, honestly, some just don’t have staying power and may not be worth the investment for you and your style.

We’ve worked in fashion for a long time, so we’ve gained quite a bit of experience in picking out what’s going to become a closet staple and what you may get tired of in the long run. You can trust us. 

Wearing: Retro Prints
Not Wearing as Much: Nostalgic Beaded Jewelry

“As much as I love wearing the campy DIY beaded jewelry that’s everywhere right now, I think it’s gotten so trendy to the point where it will feel tired in just a few months’ time. That said, retro prints are another theme that’s gotten big this summer, and the fact that many of the pieces are inspired by vintage items anyways is the ultimate proof that these fun-loving florals and psychedelic prints have serious staying power.”

Wearing: Open-Back Pieces
Not Wearing as Much: Keyholes

“While I am an ardent supporter of the sultry keyhole trend, I know for a fact that not everyone is ready to risk it all. A more approachable trend within the same vein as keyholes are open-back pieces (think knitwear with exposed backs, gowns, and simple maxi dresses). The open back is the grown-up auntie version of the sultrier cutouts to come out of fashion at the moment, but the difference is that this trend gets better with time.”

Wearing: Saturated Tones
Not Wearing as Much: Tie-Dye

“I think tie-dye will always be around (I love a fun tee or pair of sweats), but I think bold, saturated colors will shine especially bright this season.”

Wearing: Hobo Bags
Not Wearing as Much: Mini Bags

“While there’s nothing cuter than a micro mini bag, they’re as impractical as it gets. Most aren’t even big enough to hold a phone. A trend that I think has staying power is the hobo-bag trend. The shape is so timeless, they’re good for day or night, and they actually fit my phone.”

Wearing: Plissé
Not Wearing as Much: Checkerboard

“A trend that feels like it’s a bit more fleeting is checkerboard print. It will always come back in style, but this time around, it blew up so big that I think some are feeling a little fatigued with the pattern even though I love the look of it.  A trend that I think has more longevity is plissé. The fabric looks expensive, never gets wrinkled, and is just plain chic.”

Wearing: Halter Necks
Not Wearing as Much: Midriff Floss

“While the ‘midriff flossing’ trend is still happening (aka tops with tiny ties around your tummy), I have a feeling they’re going to dwindle come fall. I much prefer the halter-neck trend, particularly tiny halter strings that we saw on tops and dresses all over the runways. So chic and, in my eyes, timeless.”

Wearing: Skin-Baring Tops
Not Wearing as Much: Trucker Hats

“There is a resurgence of 2000s trends at the moment, but I think some have more staying power than others. I think trucker hats will be short-lived. However, skin-baring tops have only picked up more and more steam over the past few seasons, and we can expect to see them sticking around in every possible version.”

Wearing: Vests
Not Wearing as Much: Midriff Cutouts

“Once the vest entered the chat, I had a feeling it would be something that would consistently show up through the year. It is just so classic and can really be a versatile piece with an assortment of bottoms. Sadly, I don’t think midriff cutouts will share the same fate. I predict it will be one of those trends that crash-land and rise rapidly but is laid to rest for more timeless pieces.”

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