Whether You're a Size 2 or 24, These Jeans Will Look Great on You

Finding the perfect jeans can be a lifelong task. We all have countless pairs in our denim collections, but how many of those can we actually trust to look amazing on us every single time we put them on? For years, skinny jeans have been our go-to jeans style, and we’ve found so many styling ideas to go with the classic look, but recently, jeans with a “baggy yet tapered” fit have been catching our eye. With so many denim styles to choose from these days, we went straight to the experts to find out which will be the most flattering jeans to put on day in and day out.

We reached out to denim experts at 3×1, Paige, and Warp + Weft to weigh in on the matter. While they all have slightly different opinions on the best-looking jeans, they all expressed that, no matter what, the pair that you feel great in will be the one that looks the best on. We couldn’t agree more, but we also wanted to find out exactly which pairs are expert approved. So just ahead, each of them shared the number one feature that makes a pair of jeans look great on any body regardless of shape or size.

“The most flattering jeans are the ones you feel your absolute best in. That being said, people come in all shapes and sizes, and although there’s no one ideal design solution for everyone, we find that dark-washed stretch denim, oftentimes with tonal stitching, and incorporating a well-proportioned back-pocket size and placement are all ideal things to look for if you’re searching for something traditionally ‘flattering.'”

“The Channel Seam Skinny features an inseam insert—to take the concept of ‘flattering’ a step further—that draws your attention to the side seams, which are purposefully set forward on the front panels so your legs appear slimmer.”

“For us, it’s all about the top block, which includes everything around the midsection and the bum. Our top block, which is the base for most of our fits, is super flattering because it’s a mid-rise, which is great on most body types; it has a contoured waistband; and it features back pockets that are slightly larger and essentially accentuate all backsides, from straight to athletic to curvy. We are here to flatter all body types, and by perfecting this, we are able to have success with all the trendy fits, from skinny to wide leg.” 

“Personally, I think our Icn Wide Leg is super flattering for a smart, casual, and polished look.”

“A design element that is critical to making the most flattering jeans is the back-pocket placement. I always make sure the bottom of the back pocket meets the cheek and thigh and that the height and width are equal. We are known for the best butt jeans, so I am meticulous about proportion.”

“I think the most flattering jeans are ones that make your butt look good. My favorite Paige jeans style of the moment is the Hoxton Straight Ankle. It makes you look lean and looks great on all body types.”

This story was published at an earlier date and has since been updated. Need even more denim inspiration? See the jeans we have sworn off and their chic replacements.