Blabberize is a fun, free web 2.0 tool that allows you to quickly and painlessly create talking photos. Simply upload a photo of your choice, select the photo’s mouth or jaw, and record your audio. Instantly, Blabberize will compile those elements together and you’ll get something like this.

Other features include:

  • Importing prerecorded audio
  • Adding multiple photos and audio into each Blabber
  • Share, save, and download your Blabbers once you create an account
  • Embed Blabbers into websites and blogs

As with all fun web 2.0 tools, the next question always is: “How do I use this in my classroom?” After all, what good is a nifty Blabber if it doesn’t apply to your lessons? Below are 10 ways you can incorporate Blabberize into your classroom:

  1. Have students research a historical figure and then create a Blabber introducing that person to the class (ex: George Washington)
  2. Ask students to create Blabbers of major characters from classroom novels or outside reading
  3. Have students create Blabbers that use new vocabulary
  4. Ask students to take famous pieces of art and make them “speak” (interpret their meaning and explain their historical context)
  5. Have students create Blabbers introducing themselves to each other (you can create one too!)
  6. Use Blabbers to make important classroom and homework announcements entertaining
  7. Use Blabbers to animate the speakers of inspirational quotes and share daily or weekly with the class (ex: if you are using a quote from Bill Gates, have Bill Gates “say” the quote to the classroom!)
  8. Ask students to write and present creative writing and poetry using unique avatars
  9. Use to encourage English language learners to practice listening and speaking skills
  10. Use Blabbers to animate and explain scientific concepts (ex: a water droplet to explain the water cycle, a plant to explain photosynthesis…)

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