children-reading-bookAt the end of last year I created a list of technology tools aligned with Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. Because that list was overwhelmingly overloaded with info, I’m breaking it down by intelligence. I’ve already posted tools for visual/spatial learners and tools for musical learners, and today I’m sharing technology tools for verbal/linguistic learners.

For those of you who are new to multiple intelligences, verbal/linguistic learners have a strong ability to express themselves and to understand how others communicate using language. These learners usually prefer to hear language, write texts, and read content over other mediums. I for one am definitely verbally and linguistically inclined, which is probably why I was an English major in college!

So here are 13 tools to use when designing projects and content for the verbal/linguistic learners in your classroom:


Publish podcasts online


Upload music/recordings and generate discussion around these clips through comments


Generate discussion online around images, slides and video using 3 forms of feedback (audio, video & text)


Design customized avatars with 60 seconds of sound (voice, text, or music)


Real-time collaborative creation of documents, slides, and spreadsheets


Create zoomable presentations featuring text, images, video, & diagrams

Create an online writing portfolio


Create a blog (sign-in with GoogleDocs info)


Create a blog (most popular blogging platform)


Create slideshows with text, images, and charts


Generate word clouds based on pieces of text or blog feeds


Generate advanced word clouds and customize shape, colors, and sizes


Generate visual mind-maps using textual outlines



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