These days, more and more teachers engage their students with mobile phones for projects and assignments. I myself have utilized my students phones in class to conduct research, look up definitions, and even poll the class. While mobile phones do provide a wonderful base for quick interaction in the classroom, there are definitely drawbacks such students getting distracted and using the mobile phones to play games or have nonacademic personal conversations, or classrooms where not every student has a phone. Sometimes, these drawbacks can be enough to deter teachers from using mobile phones altogether

Thanks to iFakeText, however, you can engage your students in the creation of fake text message conversations without actually using phones or text messages at all!  It is simple, free, and easy-to-use: just choose a cell-phone carrier and name, and then plug-in your conversation and watch as the program develops a screenshot image in an iPhone text message style. Once finished, you can share your image by right-clicking and saving to your computer, sharing the URL of the image, sharing it on social media platforms, or even embedding it in a website or blog.

Check out this fantastic example of a fake conversation between Katniss and Petta from The Hunger Games:


How might you use this in the classroom, you ask? Have students create fake text conversations between people they are studying, such as literary characters or historical figures. This way, they are able to show their content mastery in a language and style they are familiar and comfortable with. I’m also adding this to my post on alternatives to the traditional book report, because you could use this as another form of a book summary!

Happy texting, y’all!


4 thoughts on “iFakeText: Create Fake Text Message Exchanges In Your Classroom

  1. I love doing this! We did it with messages between Odysseus & Penelope, Odysseus & Poseidon, & other combos within The Odyssey! Great way to see how kids understand the characters! And they love doing it!
    I think it would be great to have kids crate a conversation between historical figures from different times, from the same time but different countries … And more! I’m hoping to get this in with the end of our Ancient Greek unit & want to try having the kids create conversations between Greek and Chinese leaders.
    We’ll see how it goes!

  2. I know this is a very old message but I’m hoping someone who uses ifaketext might see it. I tried using this for an online class and had a problem. When the students “save” or “download” their conversation, it seems to have a limit. I’m requiring them to have 250 words with each of two people sending at least 10 texts. When they upload it to turn it in, I can’t see the whole conversation. That kind of kills the assignment. I don’t see anywhere on the “app”/”site” to message someone or ask questions. Any ideas here?

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