Online Graphing Made Easy

Who says you need a graphing calculator to graph complicated functions? With, you can easily input equations and create easy to read, easy to manipulate graphs.

It’s simple, just visit, press the + button to add a new equation, input the equation by using your keyboard, and watch the program create a graph. Graphs are color coded to match with their corresponding equations, so it is easy to keep track of multiple equations. For example, in the screenshot below you can see that there are two equations, color-coded red and blue:

When typing the equation, mathematical symbols are created using typical shortcuts. For example, use * for multiplication, / for division and ^ for exponents. To type special characters use “\name”. For example, “\sqrt” yields √ and \pi produces a π. For more information, check out’s About page.

In addition, there is no downloading necessary, which is especially fantastic for use in a classroom setting. Simply visit the website for full functionality. With its easy-to-use structure and clean interface, is a great online graphing tool to share with your students. Happy graphing everyone!

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