8 Online Resources for Women’s History Month

I recently learned that March is National Women’s History Month.  I encourage all of you to take this month as an opportunity to educate your students on the struggles and successes of women throughout history. As you put together lessons plans, check out these 8 amazing websites for valuable information:

  1. History Channel
    Compilation of videos, articles, and quizzes featuring key events and famous women throughout history
  2. Library of Congress
    A collection of materials including teacher resources, audio and video from the Library of Congress and the National Archvives
  3. Biography.com
    Biographical data on famous female activists, politicians, scientists and more
  4. Scholastic
    Key facts about women’s history as well as profiles of notable women throughout time
  5. National Women’s History Museum
    Access to activities, resources, and exhibitions from the museum galleries
  6. Women’s Hall of Fame
    List of women and biographies of those who have entered the hall of fame for their accomplishments
  7. Time For Kids
    Great articles, videos, and links created with kids in mind by a reputed source
  8. Guardian
    Featured slideshow titled,”100 Years of Scientific Breakthroughs – By Women”

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