5 Websites to Use with Twitter in the Classroom!

twitter-logo-birdIt seems like people have mixed feelings about Twitter: to use or not to use? I personally believe in the use of Twitter to grow personal learning networks, and I understand the capabilities for literacy learning it provides to students who are already familiar with the micro-blogging tool. While Twitter by itself provides some great opportunities for collaborative learning with students, there are a number of apps that enhance that process.

Here are five of the most useful ones I have found:

  1. PollDaddy – allows users to create polls and post them easily on Twitter for other users to take (polls can be either multiple choice or open-ended)
  2. Outwit Me – source of hundreds of fun and intelligent games like hangman, trivia quizzes, word scrambles and puzzles, and more that users can play via Twitter responses
  3. Plinky – posts a new writing prompt or challenge question each day that users can respond to with text, images, audio and more (this would be a great Do Now! activity, even if you choose not to use it with Twitter)
  4. Twuffer – allows users to pre-create tweets and set up future post dates (this would be especially great for educators posting about future tests or assignments)
  5. GroupTweet – allows multiple users (2-1000) to tweet from the same account, facilitating discussions within one Twitter account (this would be especially useful in the classroom, as you can see in more detail here)
Applications like these make Twitter an even more useful tool in the classroom, and provide opportunities to use the social media tool educationally rather than confining its use to personal, outside-of-class social interactions.

One thought on “5 Websites to Use with Twitter in the Classroom!

  1. In lieu of a school having to make technology available for vast numbers of kids it is possible to use personal technology. The apps identified here can be useful in a math course.

    Polls would allow personally relevant data collection and could lead to modeling opportunities (not on the runway, models like linear functions).

    Plinky would allow a high tech version of an exit slip.

    Group Tweet would allow collaboration on a project and provide details for a student who is absent. You could match kids with kids at another school…maybe another country!

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